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The “BIG” question – what does it cost?

You want to know what it will cost – don’t you? You can afford it; in fact you can’t afford not to use my services! That’s because if you use a virtual legal assistant effectively you’ll free up YOUR time, so you can focus on money generating activities.

If you want to read more about virtual  assistant pricing I suggest you check out a couple of my blog posts on the topic – try here and here! And don’t forget, a virtual assistant tracks time very carefully – you pay only for time truly worked. In fact, although I use an estimate below of 40 hours per month for a virtual  assistant, most of my clients only need 10-20 hours per month.


**Halo Secretarial generally bills time in 6 minute increments, unless you have retained us on a project basis. In addition to your basic rate you may be required to pay specific disbursements such as postage and photocopying costs.

How can you work for me when you’re not actually here?

It’s amazing how many ways there are to work with businesses located all around the world! You can send instructions via email, digital audio file or by uploading a task to my secure online work space.  I can use software to remotely access your computer or we can chat via Skype.

Why not hire on-site staff?

Well, first you may choose to work with both an in-house assistant AND a virtual assistant! It all depends on your needs and workload. Also, utilizing a virtual assistant on your team, in whatever capacity, offers some serious benefits including saving you money, time and space.

Why so many names – virtual assistant, virtual legal assistant, virtual paralegal? Are they all the same?

I refer to myself variously as a virtual assistant, virtual legal assistant and a virtual paralegal. The terms are not interchangeable though, in fact a virtual assistant is a more general term referring to an administrative professional who works virtually, while a virtual legal assistant or virtual paralegal should have specific training and experience directly in the legal field. I am well versed in both general and legal work and that is why I use all three terms to describe my work.  I do have a college diploma in paralegal studies, as well as significant experience in lawfirms of different sizes and specialties. I’ve been providing my services on a virtual basis since 2008.

How do you deal with confidentiality and ethics concerns?

Years of working in lawfirms has shown me how important confidentiality, ethics and conflict issues are. I will take all steps necessary to protect client information and to prevent conflicts. See my privacy and ethics policy for more information.

Why should I work with Halo Secretarial?

Well, I could tell you all about how professional, dedicated and knowledgeable I am. I worked as an in-house paralegal and legal assistant for over 10 years, and I’ve been self-employed as a virtual paralegal for several years. I know how to get a lot done, in a reasonable amount of time. I work well under pressure and I am very easy to get along with. But the main reason I think I will be the best virtual paralegal for you to work with is simply how much I love helping YOU succeed!  I know that with my skills, vision and sheer enjoyment of my work I can successfully provide your business with all the assistance required to help it grow and prosper.

How do I get started?

The best way to reach me is by emailing laurie@haloparalegal.com, as I check my email regularly each day. You can also reach me by phoning or text messaging 780-232-7905.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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