Virtual Conveyancing

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Recently I’ve been expanding my skill set and learning all about conveyancing. Early in my career I had the opportunity to work as a conveyancer for the lawyer I worked for at the time. That was close to 15 years ago though, and so was excited and a bit nervous when two of my current clients let me know they were expanding their practice to include a fair bit of residential conveyancing and they wanted me to be involved. I was very lucky though. First, my clients knew I hadn’t worked as a paralegal in this area in a long time and they were willing to support me as I got back up to speed. Second, my clients had decided to try out a great web-based software for...

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Virtual Legal Assistant

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I’ve officially been a virtual legal assistant (or virtual paralegal if you prefer that term!) for 9 months now! I can’t believe how quickly my first year in business is going, and I’m more sure than ever that this was the best career movie I could have made! I love the work my clients have me do and I love being my own boss. I’ll be doing an official mid-year (calendar year, not business year) review soon on my blog, but just needed to put a quick post in here about how happy I am and how much I love what I do! And if you are a lawyer who found this post via a search or something – I’d love for you to check out my services page! If...

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Is Your Virtual Assistant Ethics Certified?

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Is Your Virtual Assistant Ethics Certified?

I received my confirmation today that I passed my IVAA EthicsCheck exam! I was pretty sure I had passed it, but it feels great to be sure! It is really a great way to reassure my clients that I am well capable of following ethical standards. Here is the seal I am now able to display on my site!

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Blogging Goodness…

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The most current blog posts for Halo Secretarial can be found on our blog’s main page – please check it out and remember, feedback is very much appreciated!!

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Do They Teach This in Law School?

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I’m sure many of these skills – collaboration skills, emotional intelligence, financial literacy, project management, technological affinity and time management – aren’t required courses in typical law school curriculum, but I totally agree with Jordan Furlong’s post on Law 21 detailing the 6 skills lawyers should have today. I personally think the most interesting skill noted is the need for emotional intelligence. Winning clients in the modern time is DEFINITELY going to require an ability to truly empathize with and respect clients’ positions. As a businesswoman I always prefer my service providers to understand where I’m...

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The Future of Solo Law Practice?

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I was surfing LinkedIn this morning, as I’d like to start making better use of its networking possibilities. I was searching Canadian members of the Legal Blogging group and found the blog of Donna Seale, a lawyer who niches in the human righs area. Donna shared this fascinating article from Susan Goldberg for National Magazine, an article which Donna was interviewed for. I love how the article addresses the benefits of blogging as a marketing tool for solo law practices. The article, which is about the changing face of solo law practices in Canada, also features some wonderful comments from Susan Cartier Liebel of Build a Solo Practice, LLC fame about how niche...

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