Fine Print

This is the fine print page – aka the terms, conditions and comment policy for Halo Secretarial Services’ blog. This blog is a companion to the Halo Secretarial Services website. Both this blog and the website are exclusively owned by Laurie Mapp.  All content is copyrighted and measures may be taken against individuals or companies that attempt to steal content.

My comment policy is simple. If a comment is spam, or in any way appears, in my exclusive opinion, to be spammy in nature then I will delete it at my discretion. I personally consider comments that are completely self-serving and off-topic to be spam.  (I was going to try and insert a definition for spam here – didn’t realize what a complex issue it is!! Suffice it to say if *I* think it’s spam, then for the purpose of this blog it IS)

Also not allowed on my blog are comments that are racist, overly inflammatory, discriminatory, etc., again all at my discretion. If you disagree with me, that’s your right, but this is my blog so my word is the “law” so to speak.

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