Upcoming Surgery

I rarely post on my blog (this one or my personal one actually) because frankly I’m because keeping up with all the work, plus coaching soccer, plus LIFE. And life is wonderful and crazy 🙂

But I wanted to quickly share that at the end of July I’m having a minor day surgery on my vocal chords, which thankfully doesn’t affect my work anywhere near as much as the darn broken wrist did earlier this year, but it does mean I’m taking a short break (July 29-Aug 5) and even after my break, probably throughout all of August, I will be unavailable by telephone. I want to allow my voice to fully heal and what little time I am able to spend speaking after the first few days of complete vocal rest (during which I fully expect to lose my mind as I am a TALKER, not a quiet person) will be dedicated of course to my three boys and my husband. I will share when I am back to normal speaking – hopefully with a much smoother voice than my current hoarse, squeaky, breaking voice. I sound a little bit like a teenage boy sometimes, lol. Apparently this can be the result of too much shouting – I blame my soccer coaching duties, not that I’d give them up for anything. I’m just planning to learn to use my whistle more effectively in the future to get the attention of those 12 year old boys!