Don’t Break Your Wrist

I learned a valuable lesson recently. The lesson was: don’t break your wrist,especially if you need your hands to do your work!About a month ago I had a bike trainer accident that left me with a broken wrist.

At least the cast was pink!

At least the cast was pink!

I wore a cast for a few days, then had surgery to put in a plate and screws, and now am slowly working on recovering my range of motion and strength. Ultimately, things could be so much worse, but still this has been a challenging time for me personally and professionally.

I was reminded that you need backup plans when you run your own business, I was reminded that while there are many, many positives to working for yourself, there are of course also negatives (no paid time off!) and I was reminded how awesome my clients are. They have been patient and understanding 🙂

Far less than my usual time spent on my computer has left me with plenty of time to think and plan which is a nice bonus. I’ve also had plenty of time to watch Friday Night Lights on Netflix, lol.

I hope all my virtual paralegal colleagues, as well as any lawyers / business people, who read this realize that accidents can happen to all of us. Not just accidents either, but also illness, emergencies, family crises. And all of these situations can leave us with too much on our plates. I was lucky to have a couple of colleagues to call on for help and friends to help me with the personal side of things. I highly recommend you all consider your options and have a handy list of people to contact if ever you are in my situation or something similar. Pain medication or stress can make it hard to function, so don’t wait until the situation arises.


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