Dictating on the Go

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Dictating on the Go

One of the tasks that it easiest for a lawyer to outsource to a virtual legal assistant or virtual paralegal is plain old typing. I’ve talked about the value of dictation for lawyers before, as they can dictate various types of instructions, as well as “traditional” dictation where you simply just speak whatever you want typed (of course!)

Recently I had a client ask me if I knew of any iPhone dictation apps so that he could dictate more easily when he wasn’t in his office. He knew he had the option of buying a portable digital recorder, but since he always has his phone with him anyway, an app seemed much simpler in this case. After all, don’t we all carry enough stuff these days? Adding a digital recorder is just one more item to keep track of.

I did some research and quickly found a lovely little app from my favorite transcription software company, NCH. The iPhone Pocket Dictate Mobile Voice Recorder is a free app available on iTunes and my quick trial made it seem very easy to use.  If you are often on the go, consider an app for your phone for dictation, or purchase a digital recorder, and see how much easier it will make it to delegate on the go!



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