The Challenges of a New Operating System

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The Challenges of a New Operating System

In all my years working in law offices, as well as the past four years I’ve spent working as a virtual paralegal, I’ve always used Windows operating systems. This past week though that changed for me. I’m now a dual O/S VLA! My MacBook Pro, after some fun waiting on UPS, showed up at my door late last week. This week I even made it prettier (in my eyes) by pinking it up 🙂

I have to admit though that I’m struggling a little with the learning curve associated with using a new operating system. I didn’t think it would be that different and in some ways it hasn’t been too hard of a change. I downloaded Chrome right away, my browser of choice, and because of Chrome’s ability to sign in and carry over bookmarks, all of my favorite and most needed sites are still right at my fingertips. I bought Microsoft Office for Mac and I thought that would be instantly familiar too. It’s so not though. The setup of Word and Excel just isn’t the same and the first mail merge I tried to do left me so frustrated I switched back to my old laptop to get the job done. I fortunately have since discovered that, at least for me, converting my excel to .csv format makes the merge work. It wasn’t recognizing my data source on my first attempts.

There are definitely some nice aspects of the Mac too, it’s not all challenges! I love the iPhoto application and I think I’m going to like the mousepad and the way you navigate through open programs and such. It’s smoother than I expected. I also like knowing it makes my virtual legal assistant practice more flexible; I have multiple clients who use only Apple computers and this should benefit them (for example it should eliminate the occasional and extremely annoying formatting issues that crop up when clients use Word for Mac and I use Word 2010).

I’m definitely not sure if I’ll ever go to just one operating system again. I know some people switch to Apple’s operating system and never go back, others hate it and give it up entirely and still others maintain computers with Windows software and computers with Apple software. I suspect that I’ll be in the last group, but only time will tell!

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