To Do Lists

To do lists are a big part of my life. I have multiple lists – personal lists, work lists, long term lists and get it done today lists. My go to list is the very simple tasks list within gmail. That is my list for immediate and throughout the week to-do tasks, and I try to reevaluate it on a daily and weekly basis to stay on top of my priorities. Some of my lists go into spreadsheets or word documents, like the list of things to do before...

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Long Term Planning

January has been busy so far, but I’m still trying to fit in some decent long term planning. There are so many things to consider when you are planning out your year in business – marketing, holidays, client projects, school schedules. It’s important for me though and it’s important to my clients that I’m on top of my game as much as possible. In the legal world a lot of things may be known well in advance (big...

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Happy New Year!

1-1-11:  Love it! Welcome to 2011! Halo Secretarial has been enjoying a semi-hiatus over the holidays but we’re so excited to kick 2011 off and enjoy an even more productive and fulfilling year than we did in 2010. We hope that you all have also enjoyed the holiday break – and if you are ready to start 2011 off with a little more help, make sure you get in touch! Laurie

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