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I’ve touched on this before, but it continues to be a major source of concern in emails and comments, so I thought I’d do a short post specifically addressing the hourly rate charged by a virtual assistant  (VA) or a virtual legal assistant (VLA).

I generally charge in the $30 an hour range for my virtual services.  I know some people think this sounds high for “secretarial” work.  Maybe you could hire someone local and inexperienced for $10-15 per hour. And certainly there are VA’s who charge significantly more than I do, usually because they offer special expertise or have services that are in great demand.

I made approximately $23 per hour as a legal assistant prior to starting my VA business, BUT it is important to note that on top of my hourly wage my company paid for benefits, paid for 3 weeks holidays per year, paid for statutory holidays and contributed significantly to a pension plan on my behalf.  They also provided me with a computer, a desk, a direct telephone line and access to significant office supplies.  Clearly the cost to my company was significantly higher than $23 per hour.

It is important also to note that I was often paid for time when I was not doing “real” work – I was paid to take coffee breaks, paid to attend meetings on a regular basis, paid to assist in planning company functions like the summer picnic and paid to be a “body”, someone who was there, but not necessarily always given enough work to fill my day.

You will pay your VA an hourly wage from $20-$100 per hour, depending on their expertise and your needs.  But you will only pay your VA for the hours actually worked on your tasks.  I bill in 6 minute increments, with a two hour minimum.  I can do a lot for your business in a couple of dedicated hours per day.  And when I go get a coffee, it’s on my dime, not yours!

Does the wage still sound unfair to you?  I’d love to hear from you what you think is a reasonable wage to pay an experienced and dedicated assistant!!

Laurie Mapp, Owner
Halo Secretarial Services
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1 Comment

  1. Hi Laurie,

    Rate seems to be the initial stumbling block for most potential clients. You’ve defined it beautifully – they could hire someone local and less experienced – can you hear it??? – you get what you pay for?!?! 🙂

    Best to you,
    Jan Clark
    EVA – Electronic Virtual Assistant

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