Virtual Paralegals for Hire, My Thoughts

I loved this post over at The Great American Lawyer blog. In my career as a legal assistant/paralegal I mostly worked with lawyers who lacked innovation – they were great lawyers but it took years for them to adjust to changing technology in the law office. Most of them wouldn’t be fond of p/t employees let alone telecommuting ones! I am glad to see in the blogging world that there are many out there who already are using virtual...

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The Convenience Business

Loved this post so much I had to share it! Right now one of things I’m focusing on is creating a tagline for my business – especially as I want to finish designing my business card and I think it’s important that my tagline be on my business card. The tagline is important to me as I think it will help businesses see why they should contact me and how I can help them. Gritty VA in the above post helped me with some ideas for...

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Working from Home – Away from Home?

In planning out my home-based secretarial services business, I’m trying to decide right now how much time I will put in from my actual home and how often I’ll be working on the go.  I have a laptop and will be able to do my work on the go regardless, but I am also trying to decide if I need a really good smartphone or not. In researching smartphones I realize that I would spend almost as much on a great smartphone as an inexpensive...

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