Digital Dictation and Virtual Legal Assistants

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Digital dictation is an ideal way to get information to your virtual legal assistant. You can upload instructions or dictate entire documents. You can dictate from your office, from your home or from the road. Some lawyers are wary of digital dictation, having comfort with the old-fashioned tapes they know and are used to.

Digital dictation is incredibly easy though and especially useful when time-sensitivity is a factor. A lawyer can upload a file and have it to me in minutes, so that I can start working on it immediately. It also means each task is separated out, for easy prioritization.

There are a couple of easy ways to start using digital dictation in your legal practice: buy a digital recorder (can be quite inexpensive) or use a program like Express Dicate. Some cellphones even offer the ability to record voice memos and then send them by email; both iPhones and Blackberries have applications that may provide you an option for voice recording!

I have more information on my post on the value of legal dictation over at my regular blog if you are interested.

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