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I’ve officially been a virtual legal assistant (or virtual paralegal if you prefer that term!) for 9 months now! I can’t believe how quickly my first year in business is going, and I’m more sure than ever that this was the best career movie I could have made! I love the work my clients have me do and I love being my own boss.

I’ll be doing an official mid-year (calendar year, not business year) review soon on my blog, but just needed to put a quick post in here about how happy I am and how much I love what I do! And if you are a lawyer who found this post via a search or something – I’d love for you to check out my services page! If you think I’m happy being a virtual legal assistant, think how happy you could be if you had less work to do because you found someone like me to partner with and allow you to be even more successful in your law practice!

Laurie, Halo Secretarial Services
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